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He's having a bit of seperation anxiety when we leave the house, and is very happy to grab a lap or shoulder when we are home for a nap. We kenneled him last night and he did ok, apparently the bathroom is just too large a space to contain his anxiousness (says the back of my bathroom door). We'll see how he does at home crated all day today.

He doesn't like to walk on a leash much, and has pulled out of his collar more than once. He also wanders, so we can see how he has gone missing.

He has a vet appointment tonight just to make sure he doesn't have anything he could pass on to Kaili. There is some lepto going around, and we just want to be sure. They are going to give us a current client/good samaratan rate. We will save our recipts in case we find an owner for him, but we figure its cheaper/easier than having to treat kaili down the line.

Oh, yeah, he smells better after a bath too!

Date: 2006-12-12 04:51 am (UTC)
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How cute! Reckon you'll end up with a second doggy?

I miss you...when you comin' up this way????????????


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