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We have decided to let the little boy dog stay. Its been 2 weeks and we have had only one genuine inquiry about him. I feel badly for the woman who did inquire, as her dog got loose at doggie day care (they took off his collar!!!) about 50 miles from here, and she is desperate to get her dog back. (I've had about 5 messages from people wanting puppies for christmas, and/or wanting to BUY him. Grrrr)

The city puts them up for adoption after 3 days, the vet said 7, and to be safe and at least 2 weeks for getting him nutered. So the little boy is going to get snipped after the first of the year. He needs work, but I think he'll do just fine. Of course should his former owners turn up, I'll give them hell and then reluctantly give him back.

Edit on the nutering: Our vet referred us to another local vet that does a spay/nuter clinic. They are going to give us the rescue/shelter rate for keeping him out of the system.

AND our groomer is going to give us a freebie for keeping him, even though she knows he's a mess. She'll get a tasty bonus or something for that kindness.

Well dog visit and shots for stray: $100 Nutering for said stray dog: $28 Fewer unwanted puppies and dog less likely to mark in the house: Priceless

If only

Date: 2006-12-23 01:37 pm (UTC)
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If only I knew you in person.

I would bring you doggy supplies for your efforts in saving this dog.

Kudos to you on this holiday.

This was worth breaking the "rules" at the office for a bit of R&R....hehe.



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