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Says the note on the LJ home page. It hasn't been 26 weeks since I was here last, I come here a few times a week. I read, I leave random comments and I even think about posting. But the longer I go with out posting the more I feel like I have to say something substantial rather than just something flip.

So, for those of you not following along at home....

S and I are shacking up and my family is being fantastic about the whole thing. Being in a relationship is hard, living with someone is hard, but we are figuring it out. For the most part, its good. I am loved and cherished.

S retired from the Navy this spring. I am so glad that she is done, as her unit is back in Iraq this summer and I don't know that she or I could bear it again. 22 years of service is plenty for one person.

Remember that Doggie we found? Well, Marco has become a full fledged member of the family. We've had a few behavior issues, but nothing that some training and consistency couldn't fix. I call him my little Moo Man because he looks like a cow with his coloring. We are such crazy dog mommies. I swore I'd never....

I wore a dress for the first time in over 10 years to a black tie gala this spring, and the world didn't end as predicted. There is even evidence of such craziness. I guess in NE I felt like I had to dress a certain way to be a certain kind of person. I guess now that I'm 30something I a) am solid in who I am and don't need clothes to support my identity and b) don't really care what people think. It hasn't become a habit yet, but it might.....

I'm almost two years into the financial planning gig and its going really well. It is still one of the hardest things I have ever done, and I'm still learning, but I'm making a go of it and I think I'm going to make it. Its only been within the last 8 to 10 months that I have been sure.

The most recent news is that my dad has been offered a job in Tampa, and he starts after labor day. I haven't spoken with my mom about it to she how she feels, but its not ideal for them. I imagine its hard to be a late 50's sr executive looking for work. He's not ready to retire yet, but he's only looking out 6 to 8 more years until he does. I guess you have to take what you can get, and it won't be the first time she's packed up house and moved (although this will be the first time w/out kids in tow). They are talking about putting the NH house on the market come the first of the year and then go from there. 

I guess those are the highlights!  I just bought tickets to NH for next weekend, booked a place in PTown for a week in October,  and then to Las Cruses NM for Thanksgiving.  We will be back in NE for Christmas.  I'm tired booking all that travel and I haven't left the house yet today! 
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