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There was much more Red and Blue than Orange and Black both in town and the stadium this weekend.  


[profile] karenthecroccy I came away with many questions about the direction of your employer, the top on my mind are:  Who decided that shiny-satinesque shirts were office appropriate?  How the *&%# tall do they really think we are (at 5"11" I pondered petiete pants)?!?! Why not a full size line of cacique in the store, we are big women, why marginalize the big boobies?  And finally why is up with no one at our local store a) able to figure out the new jean thing or b) be intelligent about bras? I had to hunt down uninterested sales clerks today for both. 

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. 

Roasted baby zucchini, tomatoes and garlic are in the oven.  Yay farmers market!


Date: 2007-09-10 12:01 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Why? Mainly because they're not as awesome as my minions and I. ;)

No, really. The shiny shirts are hideous. People are inexplicably buying them.

In the past, talls were tall enough and people wrote corporate, stating that we weren't helping anyone out by making tall pants too short. The idea is that people are still able to hem them, just like anyone who is petite but finds the petite too short and the average too long.

As far as bras go, even with an entire store of product (I run a Cacique store), I only have 4 styles that go into F, G and H. It's a space issue. We have a smattering of those sizes in other styles, but nothing in quantities. People do wind up ordering through the store, in order to get free shipping, knowing that if they don't fit, we can always take them back and reorder if you'd like. I've been begging for the bigger cup sizes since we've opened mainly b/c we get a TON of Canadian customers and I can't order for them as we aren't capable of shipping to Canada from the store level (but they can do it online themselves). I'm told it's a space issue from up on high. I hope that enough people ask, we'll start to carry them at store level.

I often get yelled at for not having enough B cups. Or for not carrying 34.

The jean thing? Ugh. The associates should know that you have to go down two or three sizes from what you measure. We found that this approach works best. Once we figured this out, we nearly have sold out of our new denim line and, overall, people love them.

If you purchased anything at all, there should be a survey on the bottom of your receipt. That survey's results and your consequent remarks go to the company, who, in turn, forward it down to the store level. Everyone looks at those results. Fill it out, and let them know what you think and how you didn't appreciate their level of customer service.

I'm sorry, though. :/

Date: 2007-09-10 01:07 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Its not your fault, and I didn't mean for you to bring your work home. I was given some real women dollars and it seemed a waste not to use them. I did really well with the pants, and even better with the $20 off per pair promotion. I just couldn't fathom that I was standing on average lenght pants.

I wanted new jeans, but didn't find them any different than the mid-rise boot cuts that I usually wear. Maybe I'll try again.

Thanks for the survey info, I'll go and note on the bra issue. I guess my take on it is that as a brand they don't carry the same sizes every other store carries, they should do the same for bras. I bought 44DDD, but I really suspect that a 42 F would be a better fit. I guess the service at the store was really lacking as they never even offered to order for me. Off to find the sales slip!

Date: 2007-09-10 01:18 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
yeah, had you ordered through the store, you also could have used your real woman $ on the bras.

If your 44s ride up your back after a little while but you need it for the increased cup size over the 42ddd, then yeah, you probably are an F.

I find that if you're a red (moderately curvy), it pretty much goes by pants size. 1=14, 2=16 etc. If you're blue, use that formula and go down at least one size. If you're yellow, go up one. If the difference b/t your hips and waist is more than 10in, try blue first.

My guess is that if you don't have major problems with pants (as in, they don't gap in the back --blue-- or pinch in the waist while fitting in the legs/fit in the waist/bag in the legs --yellow--), you're a red.

No problems with your asking me about it. I don't mind answering questions! I get stopped in the grocery store with questions, you realize. ;)


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