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Ok, so I'm still alive, and still read here every few days, but hardly ever post. I'm not ready to share all of this info on FB, but want to post it up here.

Last year on Christmas Eve my partners mom passed away from a long battle with ovarian cancer. So, I put the pups in the car and drove to Maine on Christmas day to plan a funeral and salvage a 40th birthday celebration.

This year we decided that she would come to DC and we would start our own Christmas traditions and have a quiet few days together.

Until that is, until Kaili-the-little-white-dog got sick on Christmas Eve. We were up with here most of the night, and we got a reprieve for a few hours between 8am and 4pm. At around 6 pm I made the decision that we were going to the doggie ER. 4 lesbians and 2 dogs sitting in the waiting room at the pet er for 6 hours was a sight I'm sure. The vet there gave her some fluids, pain meds and immodium and sent us all home. I kept her overnight, but there wasn't much improvement. S came and got her yesterday and took her to our regular vet and L and I kept Skippy and we tried to get a little sleep. They admitted her for more fluids and tests.

We get the test results back later today, and I don't thik they are going to be good. S is hoping to take her home today and while that may happen, I don't think it will be for long. She'll be 16 in March and I can't imagine any way that this is going to have a good outcome.

Next year, we are going to the islands.

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Sorry to read this. Having an 18 year old little white dog myself, I sympathize. Here's hoping the best for Kaili.
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oh, sweetie. *hug*


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