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Ms. Kaili-Woo just came into the kitchen and threw herself on the floor in a lump. Remembering I am here, she changed positions to be under my feet. She loves when I sit at the kitchen stool, as my feet don't touch the ground and she can get head rubs from my dangling toes. I just finished reading Marley and Me and I guess I haven't realized how much of an impact these dogs have had on my life. Kaili has been around my life for the last 5 years, but has lived with me for almost 2. Marco has been with us since December, and I can't remember life with out him. Kaili is 12 this year and while she's a small breed (userpic) and has no health issues, that is still getting old for a dog. Marco is around 2 we think (based on plaque build up on his teeth) and we are hoping he will have a long life and that he will help keep Kaili younger, longer.

Some days they are brats and drive me nuts, they need more hair cuts in a year than I do, other days I want nothing more than to have one on each side in the bed or on the couch. I love being the first one home (which is rare), because behind the "ooh! ooh! Gotta pee! Let me out!" is also the excitement of "you came home! Hi! Hi! Hi! you've been gone sooooo LONG" With Kaili that is much barking and hopping and Marco is a little howl that is more like "wrooo, wrooo, wrooo" and a pom pom tail wag that wiggles his whole body. 

They are our sweet little monsters that greatly enhance the quality of our life. Hell, if it wasn't for Kaili, S and I might not have ever gotten together.


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